Stop TfL from building tower blocks on Cockfosters station car parks

We must stop TfL removing ALL parking at Cockfosters station forever and replacing it with ugly tower blocks.

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Cockfosters is a semi-rural, outer-London suburb, bordering the historically and ecologically significant Trent Country Park; its Grade II listed Tube station is directly adjacent to the Green Belt.

The current London Borough of Enfield Local Plan, which the Borough’s planners should follow, provides very clear guidance on areas inappropriate for tall buildings. e.g. adjacent to the Green Belt, adjacent to conservation areas, a presumption against tall buildings in sensitive areas, locations where development would infringe or detract from local views, etc.

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20 hours ago

Save Cockfosters

Is it okay for #TfL to use the #bailout to fund its property development projects?

TfL have told us that they intend to press ahead with building on station car parks, despite their dire financial situation.

So, does that mean that, effectively, any government bailout they get will be funding these highly risky developments?

❌ Most of the income will go to the majority shareholders who are PRIVATE developers

❌They are planning to build on well-used, well-needed car parks (Cockfosters brings in £600K per annum for TfL)

❌Given the current economic climate these developments are extremely high risk

Is this okay?

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2 weeks ago

Save Cockfosters

TfL is looking to get rid of station car parks in the outer London suburbs and replace them with #cycle spaces. 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

But their own research show more spaces aren’t need or wanted in these locations.

So, what's the deal? 🤯

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3 weeks ago

Save Cockfosters

Tower blocks have been demolished up and down the UK over recent years.

They’ve generally been shown over decades that they aren’t nice places to live and given the #coronavirus pandemic that’s surely more true than ever?

So why do TfL want to build more?

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4 weeks ago

Save Cockfosters

Save our #Greenbelt!

A protected Local Open Space is due to be taken by TfL!

The green space is filled with mature trees and ground cover (although someone seems to be clearing it lately 🤔) and is home to many woodland creatures. Nine species of protected #bats are known to be present around Cockfosters and Trent Park.

The development they propose is SO DENSE that TfL 'needs' to take this green space (which has the same legal protection as Green Belt) and include it in its development in order to increase the amount of outdoor space the poor inhabitants of the overly dense tower blocks will have access to.

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