Our video tries to illustrate the size and impact the proposed towers
would have on the local area
We must stop TfL removing 90% of all parking at Cockfosters station forever and replacing it with ugly, tall tower blocks which will ruin our suburb. Object by 2nd August.

The planning application has been submitted by TfL, so now it’s time to lodge your objection.

It’s as easy and 1,2,3:

  1. Simply click on this link to open up an email to Enfield Council (and us).
    [If the above link doesn’t work, please just compose an email to planning.decisions@enfield.gov.uk and copy savecockfosters@eastbar.net]
    Make sure the reference 21/02517/FUL is in the subject.
  2. All you need to do is write a few sentences about why you object to the development. If you want to write loads, that’s fine too. The key thing to remember is that your objection must be in your own words, the Council will remove duplicates. See our reasons to object page or below for ideas.
  3. Include your full name and address in the email.

And that’s it!

Please ensure that every member of your household, family and friends take just a few minutes to object too. Every objection counts!

We only have until Monday 2nd August** to get in our objections.

If you need ideas about what to write, just check out our ideas reasons to object page or below for ideas.

* OR you can lodge your objection on Enfield’s planning portal https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/planning/consultation-letters/ Make sure the reference 21/02517/FUL is in the subject (please note that we won’t be able to see a copy if you do this, as Enfield Council chooses not to publish comments on its website]

**Enfield Council have set this very short 3 week deadline. We are working behind the scenes to get this amended to a fairer length consultation period

P.S. Enfield have sent letters to some residents stating that it is a ‘departure application‘ in that it breaks all the relevant local plan and London policies (e.g. regarding tall buildings). You might want to mention this in your objection.

Listed below are our objections.

It’s really important that all adults in your household submit individual objections because the greater the number of valid objections received, the more political weight they carry with councillors.

Your objections don’t need to be technical. It is sufficient that you just object.

Select up to 5 of the objections that matter to you most.

Please don’t ‘cut and paste’. Such objections will inevitably carry less weight and maybe excluded. So, please use your own words.

Our/your objections

  1. The proposed four tower blocks are massive, all four much taller than the existing Blackhorse Tower. One is 14 storeys, two are 13, and one is 10 storeys high.
  2. Market rents will be unaffordable for key workers. None of the rents are within the Mayor of London’s definition of what is ‘truly affordable’.
  3. Tenants of ‘affordable’ units will be segregated in one tower and in half of a second, i.e. segregation based on ability to pay.
  4. The development does not address Enfield’s housing needs. Three-bed family houses are needed but less than a tenth of the proposed housing units are family homes.
  5. The proposed housing density is +7 times the norm for an outer suburb, indeed twice the norm for a city centre, and amenity space for residents and the public is inadequate.
  6. There is no provision for upgrading local infrastructure, e.g. schools, GP surgeries and hospitals.
  7. The existing ‘Park & Ride’ is essential to local residents, particularly disabled residents, and tube users from further afield.
  8. Vulnerable, pregnant and women with children may not find parking and therefore will find difficulty using the Tube.
  9. It is unrealistic to expect tenants in the development not to have cars.
  10. There will be increased parking in already crowded local streets and probably a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), where you will have to pay to park outside your own house.
  11. The access to the site from the heavily congested Cockfosters Road is wholly unsuitable.
  12. Construction will bring up to 5 years of noise, dirt and disruption to the Cockfosters Road, harming local businesses and commuters.
  13. The proposed design does not fit with the character of Cockfosters as a suburban area and the adjoining country park.
  14. The site lies in Trent Park Conservation Area and is close to protected heritage assets that would be irreparably harmed.
  15. The development is on the edge of the Green Belt and would dominate views from Trent Park and beyond.